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Agricultural Youth Council members introduced

Jobs for next generation also come online

Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau has named the 25 young people chosen to sit on the inaugural Canadian Agricultural Youth Council. Members of the council (see list below) are expected to offer suggestions on government priorities and identify problems and solutions for Bibeau. “That was quite a challenge actually, because we received over 800 candidates,” Bibeau […] Read more

Millennials are learning, working, and communicating differently — and will change the face of business.

Forget the jokes about millennials – the kids are all right

Yes, this new generation can be confounding but take a closer look at what they bring to the table

Reading Time: 3 minutes You are staring at your millennial child as though they just dropped from the sky. You don’t get them. They don’t get you. It’s the first week of the millennial employee’s job. Things are going OK. They talk a lot, snack a lot, and generally hang around. Somehow the project gets done, you have not […] Read more

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Duration limit lifted from foreign worker program

Canadian farm groups are among the sectors hailing Ottawa’s decision to axe the cumulative duration rule, or “four-in, four-out” policy, which stood to sideline temporary foreign workers from the Canadian market. The federal government announced last Tuesday (Dec. 13) it would lift the restriction, effective immediately. The cumulative duration rule had been in place in […] Read more

Young Speakers registration now open

Deadline for entrants is Sept. 30

Reading Time: < 1 minute The deadline for entering the Canadian Young Speakers for Agriculture competition is Sept. 30, and the organization has a new website making it easier to register. The topics for 2016 are: What is the impact of public opinion on Canadian farmers? How would you explain a GMO to a non-farmer? What does the next generation […] Read more

New speech competition for young Albertans

Reading Time: < 1 minute The Alberta Young Speakers for Agriculture is holding an inaugural public speaking competition for Alberta youth to share their passion about the agricultural industry. The competition will be held during the Calgary Stampede on July 13 and offers youth ages 11 to 24 an opportunity to share their views on a topic important to agriculture. […] Read more

Young men and women must be empowered to become the farmer they were born to be.

Making room for youth — and youthful thinking — in farming

Young farmers love technology and are excited by change, but they’re often penned in by the walls of tradition

Reading Time: 4 minutes Farmers often lament the lack of youth in agriculture. I would argue that this is not true — there are a lot more baby strollers than walkers at major agricultural conferences, especially ones where technology is highlighted. There may be fewer young farmers, but the young men and women farming today have a broader reach […] Read more

Beef research council putting out the welcome mat for young researchers

Beef research council putting out the welcome mat for young researchers

Many new researchers are born overseas or are unfamiliar 
with the Canadian cattle industry

Reading Time: 3 minutes Worried by the prospect of losing rising young stars, the Beef Cattle Research Council is reaching out with a mentorship program that matches scientists new to the Canadian cattle scene with industry vets. “We want to take researchers with great technical skills and make sure they stay within our industry,” said Andrea Brocklebank, executive director […] Read more

Choir group in Carnegie Hall.

Alberta girl takes the stage at Carnegie Hall

17-year-old from Gibbons beat out thousands of other candidates

Reading Time: < 1 minute They say you haven’t made it until you’ve performed at Carnegie Hall. Alberta singer Anna Kalisvaart can now say, ‘Been there, done that.’ The 17-year-old farm girl from Gibbons got a once-in-a-lifetime chance to stand on the stage of the famous New York City concert hall last month after being selected for a unique program […] Read more